About ME

I found my passion when I enrolled in a photography course at the Institute of Design in Chicago, where I received a Master's degree in Photography. From the beginning, I was drawn to photographing people. Over time I realized that I wanted to include what my subjects had to say, along with the photographs. This approach of combining photographs and text has allowed me to more fully document human issues.

My published works include "Focus on Living: Americans with HIV/AIDS", (UMass Press). An exhibit of photographs and interviews from the book travelled to 35 community-based venues - from colleges to clinics to LBGT centers to a cafe. This was a very successful way to make the material available to many different audiences. My intention is to travel My Decision Project in the same way.

Other books: "City Families: Chicago and London," and children’s books "A Forever Family," "Let Me Tell You About My Baby,” "Just Gus."

I have exhibited my work in England and the U.S and have taught photography in colleges and workshops in the U.S., England and Italy. I live and work in San Francisco.

Work method: I photograph and interview in a respectful way. The interview takes place in a quiet, private place. I invite the subject to look over my first edit of the interview to make sure I got it right. As a thank-you, I give the subjects photographs.

"Roslyn is a great interviewer: warm, interested and encouraging, also sensitive, respectful and non-directive. . . The process, which I expected might be challenging, was actually fun and taught me a surprising amount about myself."  - Arthur Martin, participant in previous work, "Focus on Living".